"Alter Ego"

Print Exchange 2016


Personality is in a constant state of absorption and growth. It is not only who you are at this moment but also who you have been since birth. As soon as we are cognizant we gather information from our environment, adventures, mistakes, and loved ones. Disparate pieces of us interact and converse, tuning us as individuals and building up our identity. Often identities.

Alter egos lie within us all, personalities brewing beneath the surface. We want printmakers to pull their other selves out of hiding and celebrate those selves on paper. Identity and feeling are not always literal so we are not necessarily looking for strict portraiture, rather for the artists’ interpretation of how they see themselves. The Alter Ego portfolio will require a minimum of two different hand pulled processes. As a medium, printmaking has taken the evolution of digital ease and incorporated that to stretch the possibilities of traditional techniques. Because of this, we encourage variable editions with chine collé, gold leaf, embroidery, laser cut, or monoprint to push the artist to explore not only alternate avenues of themselves, but also of their printmaking. 

Artists will make an edition of 25 prints on 12 x 16 inch paper to arrive in Providence, RI by February 14, 2016. Every participating artist will receive 20 prints of the finished portfolio in a custom printed box. Hot Noon will keep two full sets of the portfolio, for the archive and for a travelling show, and host the prints in an online gallery. Three full sets of the portfolio will be reserved for the SGCI Archives, Pacific NW College of Art and Portland State University.

If you are interested in participating in the exchange, feel free to inquire via email to hotnoonprints@gmail.com. Please include your name and a website or blog where we can view your work.