Past Lives

Time transcends physical presence and often our lives are considered merely a stopping point on a much longer trajectory. Many cultures and religions believe out souls continue on a longer frame of existence when the physical body expires. It is believed our universe is far too rich for humans to appreciate in a single lifetime. The possibilities of our past lives can visit us in dreams, deja vu, intuitive knowledge, and unexplained familiarities. Are these our own memories, or whispers from our genealogy? Hot Noon asks printmakers to open their minds and interpret how their past lives influence their present. 

Portfolio specs include:

Edition of 17

Horizontal 11” x 14”  format

A minimum of 2 traditional hand-pulled printmaking processes. Variable editions are great and experimental techniques such as laser cutting are encouraged!

$15 entry fee - payable through paypal to or cash/check sent with your prints. Entry fee helps cover the cost of boxes, shipping, and colophon.

All participants will receive 15 prints in return. 2 sets of the portfolio will be kept for exhibition purposes


If you are interested in participating in the exchange, feel free to inquire via email to or contact us on Instagram @hotnoonprints @alinormanprints @careygood. We love people who love prints! Please link a website or blog where we can view your work and we will get back to you as soon as possible.